Black Madonna Tapestry

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"There is a lot to say about the archetype of the Black Madonna. It is an archetype in many ways closely related to the Magdalene and even in some ways Kali. In ancient religions the fires of Truth have always been upheld by men and women both, making a perfect dance and balance of the masculine and feminine. But in our modern society, for a very long time the role of Truth bearer is one that has been granted authority to men only, and women of spiritual power have been stamped out. Once a perfect balance demonstrated by the tantric power of the union of Christ and Magdalene, the patriarchal dominion of church almost erased the symbol of the Magdalene, the high priestess, and with it everything she embodies. Under the foot of the patriarchy there is friction, as the potency of the feminine rises to acknowledgement once again and threatens to burst through the cracks of dominance like lava erupting out of a volcanic womb. The Black Madonna to me embodies this sacred wound, this shadow, that is carried by the feminine in this day and age. It is powerful, and it is worth feeling threatened by, just as one can be awestruck by the force of a tornado and the many destructive powers of our Mother Earth. But also this arising force is supremely necessary, the evisceration of so many oppressive and harmful dogmas so in need, that I believe this is an archetype worthy of reverence. Behold the beautiful darkness of the Black Madonna." - Jake Kobrin